In 2011 writing became purely therapeutic, a means of coping with multiple losses and trauma that produced the 2013 book of poems,"Spiritshine." PTSD can strike anyone anytime, no one is immune. In this collection of sometimes dark yet hopeful verses, Janni proves that art saves lives. If you are creative and struck by any challenge in life, emotional, mental or physical, creativity may well be the anchor that carries you through it. It was for Janni Styles in this wee collection of verses. 

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J.T. Styles was born in Ontario, Canada, to creative Canadian parents, and began writing in first grade after she enthusiastically told the teacher, "I want to make books when I grow up!" Vancouver, Canada, is her home where she has worked in childcare for pre-schoolers, later co-establishing provincial programs to improve the quality of family daycare. She has also worked in the Justice System with victims of domestic violence.

A winner of literary awards for fiction and poetry, Janni won First Place in the SIWC (Surrey International Writer's Conference) for a short story called "Blue Shadows." The year prior her story, "The Musical Messenger" also placed. In 2011 writing became purely therapeutic, a means of coping with multiple losses and trauma that produced the 2013 book of poems,"Spiritshine." 2014 saw her first collection of stories released in the book, "One More Chance."

A slice of life writer & poet, Janni Styles lives to write and inspire folks to think in new ways about love, life & being human.

Featured Author Interview for September/October:


What inspired you to write and publish your first book? 
The decision was sort of made for me after a horrible physical assault in 2012. I began writing a lot of very dark poetry and, along with some not so dark poems, this became my very first book. “One More Chance,” my collection of short stories was born after that when I decided to put together a collection of 11 stories I had written. The stories are all, as is most of my writing, inspired by real life and real characters I meet along the way. 

If you had to choose, who is your favorite author? Why? What strikes you about their work? 
Margaret Atwood has the uncanny ability to draw me in whether she is writing contemporary fiction or dystopian novels. I very much admire her fine writing mind. 

What is your current work-in-progress? Can you share a little with us? 
Currently I am working on a small book about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I really didn’t know much about it until I was struck down with it and am hoping to help others who have it or those who love them. 

What is the hardest part of writing your books? Have you ever learned anything in your writing? What was it? 
The hardest part of writing my books is the technical formatting. I was never good at technology and to this day still have trouble or confusion signing into email or social sites. What I learned is that no matter how many readers you have or how many may edit your books, you will likely still find something wrong later when you are more distanced from the publishing experience. There is no such thing as too much proof reading. 

Tell us something about yourself? Perhaps something most people don’t know about you? 
When I was a child I used to “see” things in the future and I tried to tell people but nobody really wanted to believe me. I still “see” things but now I know it is a gift and I honour it accordingly. I am also given the signs of when to “tell” someone or when to simply stay silent on the visions I am gifted with. I have helped people in crisis with my visions (which all came true) or warned people of danger and that also came to pass but no one was hurt because they followed my intuitive guidance. People often see “gifted” people as crazy or “out there” so I don’t often share so I think this is something people wouldn’t know about me. 

Is there a message in your work that you want your readers to grasp? 
My “slice of life” stories are about all of us in some way because they are about living and loving difficult characters. I suppose the message would be that you can love anyone past their faults. 

Do you have a certain verse or quote that inspires you? Why? 
“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths but a great fear of shallow living.” ~ Anais Nin 
I love this quote because it reminds me to stay pure, to stay authentic and never slip into the shallows that can so often overtake us with life’s challenges. 

Do you use an outline, or do you just write? (aka: Are you a planner or a pantser?) 
Both. If the prose is just flowing I let it take me where it may. But sometimes I need the inspiration of an outline to get me going, get something down on the page. 

Is there anything you would change regarding your publishing experience? Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 
I feel too inexperienced and “green” myself to really know what might benefit others. If there is one thing I could impart, perhaps it is this: “Take your time.” Rushing yourself through writing, publishing or anything in life really, is never fruitful and so many mistakes can be made if we don’t take our time. 

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers and fans? 

Yes. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am so appreciative of anyone who takes the time to read my writing. That is truly the best gift for the time and effort a writer puts in: loyal readers. I hope I always stay humble enough to recognize this wonderful gift people give me for my time: “their time.”​

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In 2014 Janni Styles, Award Winning writer of fiction and poetry, debuted her first collection of slice of life stories in the book titled: "One More Chance." All among us can relate to coming of age, adapting to old age, coping with rage or turning a whole new page. Read all in one sitting or one at a time, these stories will leave you thinking. Is aging as hard as we think? Are all teens troublesome? Is pure love possible between two wayward hearts? When there is nothing left but love, sometimes we learn love is all we need. With 5 star Amazon reviews, “One More Chance” is now a free eBook on Smashwords.

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